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João Rafael

João Miguel


Ana Raquel

I'm João Rafael 13 years old.
I live in Paúla
My favourite hobbies are playing football and riding a bike.
I practise swimming, basketball, water polo and snowboarding.
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Hi my name is Vanessa de Castro.

I'm 13 years old and I live in Cabanas do Chão.

My favourite hobbies are listening to music and playing computer games.





e) present simple;

f) present continuous;

g) holidays


a) Hobbies

examples of hobbies:

  • riding a bike
  • listening to music
  • painting
  • dancing : hip-hop, ballet ...
  • singing
  • shopping
  • ....


some equipments:

  • boots
  • helmet
  • goggles
  • plane
  • board
  • wakeboard
  • wetsuit
  • surfboard
  • rope
  • ...

c) Skills

some skills:

  • love of heights

  • balance
  • strength
  • ability to skydive
  • feeling of freedom
  • ...

d) Sports

some sports:

  • basketball

  • golf
  • tennis
  • volleyball
  • squash
  • cricket
  • ...

water sports :

  • swimming

  • sailing
  • water polo
  • diving
  • rifting
  • rowing
  • ...

Ana RAquel- Não Satisfaz
João Sebastião- Fraco
João Matias- Satisfaz menos
Vanessa de Castro- Satisfaz


Predicting the future
I wish all you will have peace and love.
I think S.L.B. will be champion.
I hope 2011 will be a better year.
The future with ‘’will’’
I will dance.
You will dance.
He will dance.
She will dance.
It will dance.
We will dance.
They will dance.
I will not dance.
You will not dance.
He will not dance.
She will not dance.
It will not dance.
We will not dance.
They will not dance.
Will I dance?
Will you dance?
Will he dance?
Will it dance?
Will we dance?
Will they dance?
Time expressions:
Tonight (esta noite)
Tomorrow (amanha)
The day after tomorrow (depois de amanha)
Next year
Next Month
Next Week
In 2 year
In 4 weeks
The future with ‘’going to’’
I’m going to visit my mother.
I’m going to play football.
I’m going to visit my aunt.
You are going to visit my aunt.
He is going to visit my aunt.
She is going to visit my aunt.
It is going to visit my aunt.
We are going to visit my aunt.
They are going to visit my aunt.
I’m not going to visit my aunt.
You are not going to visit my aunt.
He is not going to visit my aunt.
She is not going to visit my aunt.
It is not going to visit my aunt.
We are not going to visit my aunt.
They are not going to visit my aunt.
Am I going to visit my aunt?
ARe you going to you visit my aunt?
Is he going to visit my aunt?
Is she going to visit my aunt?
Are we going to visit my aunt?
Are we going to visit my aunt?
Are they going to visit my aunt?
Adverbs of manner
Adjective + ly
Adjective + -ily
Some adverbs are different

Superlative of Superiority
Short adjective:
The + Adjective + est
Long adjective:
The most + Adjective
Irregular verbs:
Good= The best
Bad= The worst
Junk Food
What is junk food?
-French Fries
Junk Food restaurants in Portugal
-Pizza Hut
-Burger King
-Mc Donald’s
Food Preparation
There are some bananas on the table.
I bought some wine.
There aren’t any bananas on the table.
I didn’t buy any wine.
Are there any bananas on the table?
Did buy any wine?
There aren´t any bananas.
There are no bananas.
Giving Orders-Imperative
-Stand up!
-Sit down!
-Be quiet!
-Don’t laught!
-Don’t move!
-Do have a cup of tea!
Relative Pronouns
-Which (object)
-Who (Name)
Contact Clause
Angie is the girl Paul met last July.
Past simple/ Present perfect
I enjoyed the party last night.
-Past simple (Acções passadas num tempo determinado)
I have enjoeyd the party.
-Present Perfect (Acções passadas num tempo indeterminado)
Present Perfect

I have
You have
She has
He has + Verb in Past Participe
It has
You have
We have
They have

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is one of the most famous Italian fashion designers.

He founded his company, Giorgio Armani SpA, in 1974 and is today the independent designer

fashion world's most successful, with a personal fortune of more than 4 billion euros.

Born in Emilia-Romagna. Giorgio Armani has set a new standard in women's fashion.

He attended medical school for two years. After completing his military obligations in 1957, he worked in a department store called La Rinascente, as a decorator of window displays, beginning the fashion.



My name is Ana Raquel Abreu.

I'm 13 years old and I live in Cabanas do Chão.

Fashion external image 120-BelezaModaEstilo.jpgexternal image moda.jpg

Fashion designer/ stylist - estilista
Model – modelo
Hairdresser - cabeleireiro
Make - up artist - maquilhadora
Manicurist - manicura
Beautician – esteticista
Masseuse - massagista

external image tgspantanal_201006084543.jpgexternal image 1300134765_177351065_1-Fotos-de--MAQUILHADORA-PROFISSIONAL-AO-DOMICILIO.jpgexternal image is?VkBR7W6egBq3x_l27E3cTGFvpPlODwjiKiTC4h49JkA external image isabel_figueira.jpgexternal image 475546.gif
Clothes shop – loja de roupas
Departament store - armazém de roupa/ calçado, etc
Boutique - boutique
Shoe shop – sapataria
Accessories shop – loja de acessorios
Jewellery shop – joalharia
Perfume shop/store – perfumaria

external image 1297019650_15158366_1-estrutura-para-loja-de-roupas-sao-paulo.jpgexternal image 36093911_2.jpgexternal image Sapataria01G.jpgexternal image 1283256983_116839175_3-Recheio-loja-bijuteria-Joias-Bijuteria-Relogios-1283256983.jpg

Ralph Lauren - preppy
Versace – smart – showy
Armani – classic/ elegant
Dolce & gabanna – sleek
Stella McCartney – minimalist
John Galliano – extravagant
Alexander Mc Queen – smart
external image ralph-lauren.gifexternal image stefano-gabbana-and-domenico-dolce.jpgexternal image Alexander-McQueen.jpgexternal image stella.jpgexternal image ChristianDior-JohnGalliano.jpg

I really like fashion, and it is a subject that interests me enough! All girls like to be fashionable, of course! And usually the girls comment on the clothes of others! The way you dress, how to combine the style and etc ...
My favourite Clothes brands are Roxy, Billabong, timberland, Bershka, Zara, Mango, Benetton, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius. As I'm not weird I aIso buy some clothes at Modalfa and Decathlon! I like Merrell shoes and boots and Timberland shoes very much!

external image 1287778478_131187010_1-Fotos-de--BOTAS-TIMBERLAND-NR37-1287778478.jpg João Rafael- Satisfaz menos
João Sebastião- Satisfaz Menos
Ana Raquel-Satisfaz menos~

external image mr1733tn107_l18_1.jpgexternal image 01287_ref_366.jpg
Ana Raquel)
To be a model


They earn a lot of money

They feel alone
They are famous

They are always concerned with their body image, their weight
They wear fashionable clothes sometimes without paying them

They don’t have privacy
They can travel a lot and visit many places

Their career doesn’t last long
They meet many famous people

external image modelos-sexys-adriana-lima%5B5%5D.jpg

Verbs followed by prepositions

These shoes belong to Eva

Belong + preposition "to"

I don’t agree with Francisco

Agree + preposition "with"

Suffixes “less and ful”
A - I can trust Mike. He is faithful.

B – Oh, no, no. He is faithless

Faith ful

Present Perfect Continuous

Affirmative: Sally has been having a picnic.
Negative: I haven’t been riding a bike.
Interrogative: Has John been watching car races?

Time markers : example:
John has been reading for 2 hours.
since 10
all morning
all day

Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous
Mary has been writing a book. Present Perfect Continuous
for / since

Mary has written a book. Present Perfect
just / already
ever / never / yet

Present Perfect
have + past participle

Television external image televisao.jpg


-TV is a source of information, entertainment and knowledge.

-We have a fun and sometimes it helps us forget our own problem

-For some people, especially old people and lonely ones TV is the only company they have.

-there are campaigns meant to help people with some kind of problems.

-people can learn different subjects on TV.

-there are some scientific programmes through which we learn about many things.


-Tv can be harmful for our eyesight

-some people get addicted toTV; they spend too much time in front of TV and become real ‘’couch patatoes’’

Ana Raquel)

Passive Voice
I me
You you
He him
She her
It it
We us
You you
They them

Verbs followed by:
She likes watching TV
dislike, enjoy, finish, hate, can't stand

Infinitive with “to”
She promised to watch the show
infinitive with “to”
agree, hope, try

Infinitive without “to”

She can watch the show

infinitive without “to”
could, may, might, shall, should

Many / much / a lot of

You haven’t got much time. Uncountable nouns (negative/interrogative)

He hasn’t got many books. Countable nouns (negative/interrogative)

He has got a lot of money. Countable/uncountable nouns (affirmative)


monthly Magazine

external image 08040701_blog.uncovering.org_revistas.jpg

Music magazine blitz , bravo (Portugal)
Q , Kerrang (heavy metal)(UK)
Rolling Stone (USA)

Fashion magazine happy , cosmopolitan (international)
look magazine , glamour , Grazia

Computer games B Gamer

Satirical magazine Cuore
Private Eye (makes fun of celebrities, politicians etc)

Ana Raquel- Satisfaz Bem
João Matias-Satisfaz menos
João Sebastião- Fraco